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Lautrop and Uhre is the Online Jewellery Shopping website where you can buy custom and handmade jewelry. Buy gemstone jewellery and emerald rings, custom necklace, earrings, bracelets, and other 14 KT, 18 KT, 20 KT, and 22 KT gold jewellery

Lautrop & Uhre has been many years in the making, but has finally become a reality in May 2019, when the company was founded. We have created two collections of beautiful and colorful jewellery, where the emphasis is on the high quality and the unique design. A versatile design background and travels in Asia over many years provide the inspiration and forms the foundation for our jewellery. Our fascination with the ancient oriental jewellery tradition has been coupled with the Scandinavian design style. Our vision is to create unique, handmade and personalized jewelry. We can best describe our style as a combination of rawness, adventurousness and understated elegance. Our goal has been to inspire women of all ages to wear unique jewellery, where love and attention to detail as well as the overall design gives the wearer sense of adventure and elegance.

Our gold collection is 18 and 22 carat gold with precious stones, such as tourmaline, ruby, sapphire, diamond etc. The collection in goldplated silver contains a wide selection of beautiful stones, ranging from tourmaline, diamond over quartz, chalcedony, labradorite and more. The stones are selected individually just as we follow the creation process from start to finish. In contrast to the precious metals and stones, we also use materials such as nylon, leather etc. Skilled goldsmiths process the metals and often in a collaboration we work on the final details. It is essential to us that production takes place according to sustainable principles. This applies to both the goldsmiths' work conditions and the way in which the trade works. We work closely with the workshops, where the jewellery is created and work primarily with small workshops, where we are able to follow the whole process.

We will continuously develop new designs, which will be presented on the website and can be purchased from selected retailers or directly through us. We look forward to receive your feedback, so don`t hesitate to send us a line or two. We hope you will follow us on the blog, newsletter or other social media.

With love from the Lautrop & Uhre team


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